• 2015 Ladder

    1ormond-jumper Ormond18170119591167167.8768
    2Kew_jumper Kew18140418941123168.6656
    3Old Geelong Old Geelong18130520291335151.9952
    4St Mary's Salesian jumper St Mary's Salesian18120617891697105.4248
    5Whitefriars_jumper Whitefriars1880101629164199.2732
    6Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption18701116381543106.1628
    7Old Mentonians Old Mentonians1870111529188980.9428
    8NOBs_St_Pats_jumper NOBSPC1860121385193371.6524
    9Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe1840141291184170.1216
    10Yarra Valley Yarra Valley OB1820161263223756.468
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  • About Us

    Situated just outside the inner city at Gillon oval on Victoria Street in West Brunswick and affiliated with St. Patrick's College Ballarat, Brunswick NOBSPC (North Old Boys St. Patrick's College) has a rich 50 year history within the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA). The club was able to climb into the Premier divisions in 2013, with its first Senior premiership in 2012 for 30 years. The club has over 100 registered players with 3 senior teams competing in the VAFA. Brunswick NOBSPC also has a very strong affiliation with the Brunswick Junior Football Club.